Krispy Kreme’s New Donut Is Stuffed With Nutella

Krispy Kreme’s New Donut Is Stuffed With Nutella

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Krispy Kreme wants you to know that some combinations were just made for each other. That’s probably why the donut chain just released a brand new donut flavor with a surprise inside: Nutella.

Yes, Krispy Kreme is now selling Nutella-stuffed donuts — and if your sugar intake wasn’t already at an all-time high, it definitely will be after trying out one of these.

A photo of the new treat was shared via Krispy Kreme Dominican Republic’s official Facebook page on Monday. And because life can never be fair, that’s the only place where the new donuts are currently available. But, considering the fact that they’re literally made with the brand’s classic, glazed donuts and a Nutella filling, we’d say that something like this probably wouldn’t be too hard for you to partially recreate on your own if you live outside of DR. Really, if you were that determined to get your Krispy Kreme and Nutella fix at the same time, all you’d have to do is buy yourself a dozen from the chain and dip them in a container of Nutella without any issues.

But if you’re not in the mood to do that much work, you can always opt to treat yourself to one of KK’s extra special St. Patrick’s Day-themed donuts.Krispy Kreme’s New Donut Is Stuffed With Nutella