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number on Jerseys?

You can now put a number to a name with everyone in South Carolina’s 2019 football recruiting class.

Here are the numbers the freshmen and JUCO defender Devontae Davis will start their USC careers with.

The Gamecocks are still waiting on Tyquan Johnson and Jaquaze Sorrells to be cleared for enrollment.


No. 3: Ryan Hilinski, QB

No. 7: Jammie Robinson, DB

No. 9: Cam Smith, DB

No. 12: Shilo Sanders, DB

No. 12: Traevon Kenion, TE

No. 16: Rodricus Fitten, DL

No. 17: Xavier Legette, WR

No. 20: Kevin Harris, RB (he was 39)

No. 22: John Dixon, DB

No. 23: Derek Boykins, LB

No. 26: Zacch Pickens, DL

No. 40: Jahmar Brown, LB

No. 52: Jaylen Nichols, OL

No. 55: Jakai Moore, OL

No. 57: William Rogers, OL

No. 58: Mark Fox, OL

No. 74: Vincent Murphy, OL

No. 80: Keveon Mullins, WR

No. 82: KeShawn Toney, TE

No. 85: Tyquan Johnson, WR

No. 91: Jaquaze Sorrells, DL

No. 93: Joseph Anderson, DL

No. 97: Devontae Davis, DL


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